Fifi Choc (Chocofi) PCB Kit


The Chocofi is designed by Pashutk, based on the Fifi by Ray Cheng. Designed for use with Miryoku, it only has 36 keys. It features an aggressive Kyria-like pinky stagger.


  • QMK/VIA firmware
  • MX Hotswap Sockets
  • 36 Keys
  • Per-split OLED Support


  • Fifi PCWs
  • 36x Kailh Hotswap Sockets
  • 36x Diodes
  • 2x Reset Switch
  • 2x TRRS Sockets
  • 1x Basic TRRS Cable
  • NKC Daughterboards Hotswap Socketing
    • 2x 4-pin Low-profile Sockets
    • 4x 12-pin Low-profile Sockets

PCB Kit Only
- To complete the PCB  you will need MCUs and OLEDs (not all keyboards support this), 2 of each for splits, 1 for keypads and unibody builds
- To complete a Barebones Kit, you will also need a compatible case kit

Soldering Options Available
- You will need to solder the components to have a complete keyboard PCB
- We can solder them for you, choose “Soldered” under product options

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