Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for orders to arrive?

All built orders, orders with soldering are made-to-order and will be entered into the build queue, the latest schedule will be posted on the Changelog.

Normally, this would mean orders will take between 1-day to 14 days depending on when you order and how large the build queue is. Historically, we are able to deliver under 7-days for 80% of the orders.

What split keyboard do you recommend?

We often recommend the Lily58 for 65% keyboard users because it has the most keys with the least compromises to ergonomics, it is also a great starting point for those used to larger keyboard. It allows users to get used to the smaller, split, and columnar staggered layout.

For 40% keyboard users, we recommend the Corne, Fifi or Sweep, as it further challenges them to optimize their keymap and improve their typing habits.

Why are your prices the way it is?

One thing we’re proud of is the quality of our work, customer service, and after sales support. Buying from us will mean you will have access to our meticulous and extensive support services, and quality workmanship. This includes free repairs, returns, and exchanges if you qualify – see our support page. The prices cover all these aftersales support.

The prices are set to be sustainable and allows us to compensate our partners fairly, as well as allow us access to high-quality workmanship.

If we miss the mark on your expectations, we will try to make it right, just reach out to us.

What is NKC Daughterboards Socketing

NKC Socketing is our cost-effective way of making MCUs and OLEDs hotswap-ready, upgraded or sidegraded with other flavors of MCUs. This also means you can reuse your MCUs on other keyboards.

Why don’t you have so and so other split keyboards?

We often get asked when we will carry certain keyboard designs. The issue is that not all split keyboards are designed the same, some split keyboards miss the mark by adding features or keys that encourage poor typing ergonomics. The keyboards that we have on the site are the ones that don’t forget their objectives, to promote healthy typing habits. We have used these keyboards and are confident that you will see benefits.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship to the Philippines, but if you are in SEA or EA and are interested in our products, do reach out via Facebook as we do ship within these regions for certain products.