Quality Disclosure

Our products are DIY in nature, including our assembled products, and thus retain a DIY-level of quality. We try to raise this quality by performing test builds and QA checks regularly, making sure no functionality is impeded and that products can be used reliably on a daily-basis. However, in some fabrication scenarios it just can’t be helped due to limited methods, material and other factors we can’t control.

Below are some quality details we would like to disclose to all our buying customers, kindly align your expectations:

  1. Switch Plates, Base Plates, and Middle Layers may be about 1-1.5mm off the dimensions of PCBs for sandwich cases, the effect is mostly cosmetic up close, and does not affect functionality
  2. Engraved Materials need their protective sticker peeling be removed during fabrication, and thus will ship without it
  3. Engraved Materials produce a fine dust, we will try to wipe this away when we can, but may ship with some residue that can still be wiped away with water and a microfiber cloth
  4. PCBs, FR4 Switch and Base Plates, and other products that are fabricated with a Solder Mask will have some hairline scratches and scuffs visible on close inspection (12 inches or closer) due to shipping, as long as they don’t reveal the conductive layer underneath, and that the scratch is not thicker than a hairline, we will ship them out. The material used in FR4 solder masks is not designed to be used as an external protective layer, please care for your FR4 plates accordingly.